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Prayers of love

Hello reader! 

I started prayers of love to incorporate my passions and share them with those who want to receive what I have to share. Inspired to start something meaningful, love/nature based, and true based on this path of light.  As you may have been able to deduce, there are multiple subjects that are circulating. I believe that when on a path of light that it is multifaceted in nature. Exploration of this blog you may find things from personal development, my stories and personal development, psychology, food, levels of health, spirituality, authenticity, etc.. this is a journey we can share of growth and much more! 

Thank you, Blessings 

Runa Shalaka Padmini Thorvig

The woman/goddess behind the words

 My journey has been a roller coaster of

life with Many Ups and Downs.

My desire is and always has been to share, grow, and expand. At times doubtful and arduous, and other times confident and effortless. Reaching a point of healing to be able to share with more confidence, effortlessness, and clarity is an incredible blessing. Humility has helped as well as my family, nature/spirit, powerful enlightened ones,

all of which  being huge catalysts for my

healing, transformation, and growth.

My gratitude overflows to everyone

who has been a part of my journey, and even

more so with those who have stuck with me through it all.

I am a warrior following an ancient code.

I have chosen the path of a peaceful warrior of light.

Upon receiving a call to action a few moons ago a

stirring inside the very core of my being has caused a

tenacious fierceness to come forth, while simultaneously

embodying peace and light to continue on this Epic journey. 

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