Take a look at some of my upcoming Classes.

I am overjoyed to share these with you.

Many blessings!

Services start at $35

Lingerie Models

Sacred Feminine

This course is for

Women who have a womb etc.

During the course of this program we will be exploring the alluring, confident, sexy, strong, unique feminine.

With the juicy Burlesque twist

we won't just be undressing,

we are all undressing a story.

Allowing ourselves to blossom and expand forth in a safe space.

At the conclusion of our classes 

we will all perform for each other

and share our story.

6 Week Program

Spirit Dance

Join us on a journey inward through movement! We will be diving into pranayama, Kundalini, Masculine and feminine mergence, Elements, stretching, and free form intuitive dance.

Dive into your best self on and off of the dance floor.

6 Week Program 

Image by Stephen Arnold
Image by Hanna Postova

Divine Union

I love this topic because of how beautiful and informative this is for

couples and singles. It's time to take out your pens and notepads!

We will be taking a look into our divine 

Masculinity and Femininity,

pranayama, energy movement,

building energy, energy exchange,

personal practices, healing,

building trust, difference between

sensuality and sexuality, sexual rituals for beginners, and meditations.

2 Day Workshop


Ever felt the urge to dive further into Meditation? Here we learn about building a sacred relationship with our own inner peacefulness. We will be exploring different philosophies of masters throughout the centuries, what is meditation, finding and cultivating your sanctuary space, multiple styles of meditation, multiple types of mudras and mantras, finding your top 3 favorite techniques and why, to conclude we will all take turns leading our

favorite meditation.

4 week course

Image by Stephen Arnold