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A million prayers

What is prayer to you? Why do you pray? What does prayer look like to you?

We all have many different ways to pray, and yet they feel similar in how we envelop ourselves in this act. I have not been devoted to every religion, nor have I been to every birthing place of the practices of prayer and devotion. What I can say is that I have prayed, I have given myself to prayer in the many forms it took. It was the conviction of the prayers and act of praying. Many times I have asked for redemption, love, guidance, forgiveness, gratitude, clarity, receptivity, safety, assurance, health, and many forms of purity. Some days I danced and gave thanks to nature and all of the natural things I could see, other days I sat in silence and embodied myself to the fullest extent of present abilities. Very few times I prayed with every inch of my being for the safety and health for my family and myself due to extreme circumstances.

Yet, here we are, continuing this dance of life. Some say meditation is similar to prayer. A focused embodied tune into the divine. Wise men and women have also said to live life like meditation.

What does this mean? It is the unattached intentional embodiment of the moment. Being a loving observer. Having a relationship so close to divine* that this union is inseparable to how you live your life.

It can be difficult to achieve, because, well, we are human still. It does not mean that we are completely void of the possibility of living an intentional, aware, and loving life. It implies that we have the potential in allowing ourselves to dive into this unlimited possibility.

*(or god, great spirit etc.. also divine can also mean the recognition of divinity in yourself and the deeper connection this enables to creation, similar to how God said he lived in all things including you)

From wherever you reside and or your embodiment,

Thank you, Blessings, Namaste

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