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Beginning Meditation

Updated: Jan 6

I will be sharing some information and a tutorial with some tips on meditation today!

Before we start.. Someone recently asked me about meditation. I asked what they wanted to learn? They said they wanted to be able to quiet their mind and sit in peace. My advice to this individual was to start with breath. The exercise I shared with them is under the blog post titled "Pranayama". With that being said, you do not need to start with pranayama, merely a suggestion.

They say meditation is a practice that we flow with constantly in our lives. With already practicing meditation perhaps unconsciously day to day; in response to being unconscious, we start intentionally setting the space we are in and progress to a point where it is embodiment on a level of pure flow of awareness. Continuously deepening multiple levels of awareness and embodiment and what these things mean to each individual.

There is nothing wrong if you do not have a completely clear mind. This takes some of us a minute to reach especially in our society.

When in this space try releasing physical and energetic distractions around you almost like water gently washing you off energetically.

Starting in a comfortable sitting position.

*If you have decided to follow the pranayama, I suggest practicing from beginning to end*

Start to clear your thoughts.

Eventually (when comfortable) moving into a closed eyed meditation. This is a step that is up to you when you feel ready.

Continue for as long as needed.

Side notes/tips:

Having something to focus on can help with clearing your mind, a candle also works when in a safe place to stare/focus on the flame helps with clearing your thoughts and allowing there to be focus (also a shatkarma). Nature is a fantastic place to tap into this space very easily and quickly, or imagining yourself in your sanctuary (another topic for building this space)

As you progress and feel comfortable with this practice try focusing on one thing at a time ... as in what you wish to.. learn/ release/ receive/ heal/ and embody etc. or just keep a clear mind.

Sometimes I like to see animals, benevolent spirits, angels, and or Jesus accompanying me, sometimes to just sit with me, sometimes to share something, and sometimes to meditate on scriptures and other teachings (With that foundation of light, purity, and grace etc.).


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