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Today we are talking about food consumption!

What we consume can set the tone for several different aspects of our lives! We are all unique which also relates to what "feels good" when and after eating. It goes further into hormones, nutrients, fuel, vitamins, etc. that help make up our needs for different types of diets that works the best for our bodies. Finding what works best might be more challenging due to the overdrive of the internet and other peoples definitions of what that means to them. From this we can end up feeling overwhelmed with information and which direction to go (as with many things). However knowing what to look for in finding specific types of information will help narrow down that list. In very short, when looking at what kind of suggestions and advice keep in mind your goals as well as the other key aspects our bodies operate on. Listen carefully to what your body might need as far as consuming food, roots, etc.

I hope that this may help bridge the tip of the iceberg!

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