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A rough draft excerpt from a novel about an ethereal aspect of being. The love story is added in, what can I say, I am a hopeless romantic.

This novel is the tales of many lands, dancing (always dancing), prayer, ceremony, travel, excitement, loss, love, lust, passion, deflation, inflation, war, family, betrayal, hope, healing, magic, happiness, evolution (from my perspective, not the same evolution you typically ready about readily), includes a love story and much more. I hope you enjoy the excerpt.

Since you inquired, I will vaguely describe this experience and world into words. Some of the things I am about to explain and share may not make sense, time and space works different for me. You asked nicely, so I will also regale my story.

It's similar to dancing in the highest skies and the darkest depths. Creating and found I know I am not just a creation, I am a beautiful pure manifestation of light, love, gratitude, and grace. My honor, respect, and gratitude of these things keeps me humble, as it has lead me to understand my fate. I am no longer bound by time, space, and limitations, instead I am set free to continue to freely create and be for all eternity. No more karmic cycles of life and death so I am continuing to effortlessly fulfilling my purpose. I realized that the mergence of the divine purity of what I felt and embodied existed in everything, this not only shifted my view, but my reality down to my molecules.

That liberating feeling of being able to continue this path is like sweet nectar as one embodies the evolutionary process of the physical body and merges with their etheric body.

On this dimensional plane I am blessed to continue this path with my partner. We Help other beings by sharing our light for those journeying into the crossroads of oblivion while on the path to the great merge. By learning from others and from the ancient texts, we continue to fill our minds and spirits and in turn taking part in fulfilling a "small" part on others paths. We also assist in each others growth, love, passion, commitment, and peace to continue this purpose among our multiple "responsibilities".

Our community/ family works like a great divine eternal forest an garden. Just like a forest every plant has their purpose and unique qualities that are needed to sustain the forest. We keep to our duties and allow the balance and harmony of nature to flow through without judgment.

Just as the sagas say "The monk is unharmed because they walk in heaven" we apply this concept among others which envelopes our world into the beautiful, harmonious, and exciting dimension we inhabit now. Have you ever experienced the feeling of home? Family? warmth? happiness? etc.? That pure resonance is exactly the embodiment I felt upon "arriving" on this plane of existence. Such is the way for beings and spirits that have successfully merged. Each plane is akin to that "home" feeling for a multitude of other spirits and beings. As part of some of our destinies, we traverse between the dimensional planes so we may continue our purpose shifting back and forth from one plane to the next while making frequent stops "back" in our dimension.

Before getting too far, lets brush over my previous world, the one where everting ended and began.

Something I have learned during my stay is that life is not something to escape nor run from, but to embrace completely in the beautiful facets of being. As many sages have expressed before, Earth is where we re-learn our unlimited potential and evolve into our divine bodies. Another thing to keep in mind, not every spirit goes the same direction and not every spirit is destined to traverse this particular path of light (as there are many). A large portion of beings including myself have bungled up in thought before the great merge in the idea we are separate in good and evil, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine etc.

It all makes it one fantastically nearly incomprehensible journey and story.

I was born on Earth, Georgia, in North America in 1998 to be specific. Afterwards I traveled around more than 25 times during my stay on that Earth plane. While there I felt very confused, lost, unsettled, joy, laughter, gratitude, sadness, pain (ethereal and physical), and much more.

This is my story...

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