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Fractal Information

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Another viewpoint on the unique multiple opportunities fractals provide. From my perspective..

All of our thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions are a conglomerate of crystalized fractals of information that we receive and recognize during our time here. During the great pursuit of the furtherment of knowledge and information we gain more opportunities to piece a broader spectrum.

These pieces fall together when we are able to shine light throughout to allow it's luminous glow, into what wisdoms opportunity has to bestow upon the one who has their eyes open.

The fun part comes into the communication of these understandings.

Personally, I have run around the whole creation with a high powered light lost in the myriad of the fractals that I fell/ pushed myself into. It eventually becomes irrelevant and or incoherent. Other times it's like a sunset or a full moon shining light through diamonds hanging from the ceiling of a large marble gazebo with flower petals gently falling with a gently breeze to meet the cool marbled floor.

What I have learned is to follow the path of least resistance or the path that allows effortless flow.

Just some observational fractal thoughts.

P.S. I hope you enjoy the endless possibilities of this topic.

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