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I don't care because I care

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Interesting title. However, this title has lead me to where my discernment begins.

From where I sit, there is a cloud of rain of another's creation. I have found we can try and understand and sit under their cloud with them, or continue to be a loving observer. Just because someone is in despair does not mean I must yield to the same emotion. In my experience doing this sympathetic/ empathetic embodied involvement helps neither party. In fact, that level of involvement leads to darker clouds and confusion. Attempting to please the other person to where it is detrimental to your own self regardless of intent does not make it a wise decision. Let's say in contrast you decided to remain calm and unbothered, proceeding this you were able to offer sound and grounded wisdom and comfort upon request. How does this change the situation? In the end, does any of the circumstance change the pure aspect of your soul?

Why do you choose to be miserable. Perhaps a recognizable sadness and cloud looms still over yourself. Eventually there will be a time for the sun to shine again if you allow it to.

The intent behind the title suggests the unyielding nature of our true aspects of divinity. Does a tree become bothered by your drama? The only sassy tree I've seen is treebeard, and he seemed very unbothered. However understanding the discernment in taking appropriate action when the time is necessary.

Let us not care and care deeply at the same time so we may further understand our true nature and development, so we may understand, receive, and love those around us more deeply. From a point of loving observation we take away emotion and bias sway. If something triggers, it is like a splinter being brushed up against something. Meaning it is something that is embedded into you still.

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