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Mental Health

Updated: Jan 6

My current explanation of Mental Health would be sub par and would not give this topic the attention it deserves. Instead of attempting to explain this area with book definition, I will graze over my experience. Something that has taken me a long time to understand and process is my understanding of mental health and my personal relationship with mental health. For now I am sharing this in hopes someone who needed this to relate to and take that first step to healing in this way.

For a long time mental health has been semi discarded growing up.

Unsure of the direction to take and how to heal the things I've experienced in this life. This pain continued to build and build until I was unable to function normally around others to a more drastic level. Intimacy , love and security, confidence, happiness, and so much more became strangers. Completely and utterly lost in the mirage of pain and how my interacting with others was chaos, let alone myself. Not spirituality, praying, dancing, art, singing, or cooking food helped.

I was recently injured on a jobsite, and my chiropractor (heavily against cracking bones into place, I AGREE) advised me to see a therapist and take certain supplements due to how bungled I was. He was unable to do his job due to the amount of distress my body was holding (I was against seeing a therapist for a very long time, I was under the impression I could figure it out/ didn't need therapy).

My valley of sanctuary was nearly all dried up. Upon seeing my therapist the first time was akin to someone releasing a dam. I felt heard and respected for the first time. uncovering how to be a healthy adult with proper boundaries, how to communicate, on top helping me to become aware of teachings I normalized that were not healthy at all. It's been small steps, I am just happy that I've been taking steps. I love speaking up for myself, becoming healthy, setting boundaries, awakening healthy confidence, and unraveling who I am and who I am becoming. Finding clarity once more to continue on this beautiful spiritual path.

Essentially my therapist provided tools to appropriately handle and heal my traumas. Not only has she helped me in emotionally charged areas, she also graciously gave me wisdom to be empowered more in my everyday life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and all of the above or wherever you are at, I might suggest seeing a therapist. If you do, don't forget to do some research on the type of therapist you might need(changing therapists because it's not a good fit is also healthy).

I support you, because you deserve to be happy, healthy, and thriving.

I love you, I am grateful for you, I respect you

Blessings, Love, Namaste

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