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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I will be giving a very quick tutorial on breathing.

Pranayama is best translated as breath control. There is a reason why people call it the Breath of life. Prana means life force energy, ayama means extension or expansion. Pranayama helps with the expansion and elevation of your vital life force energy. There are four important aspects of Pranayama: Pooraka = inhalation, Rechaka = exhalation, Antar Kumbhaka = internal breath retention, Bahir Kumbhaka = external breath retention

Breath is a primal and primary foundational/fundamental necessity to support life.

*Breath can also be further evaluated with the air element.

Basic practice that can also go more in-depth with the awareness aspect. More on these subjects later.*

To start we will be focusing on our breathing. Lets sit in a comfortable place and position.

Following this step, with normal breath slowly increase awareness of your natural breathing, *notice each awareness at your own pace progressively following this list* feel the air come in cold and out warm, the air on the back of your throat, how the air expands your lungs with inhalation then how the air reverses this process upon exhalation, how your ribs follow your breath, and your abdomen. Notice how your body as a whole feels. Now bring the awareness back up to your nostrils and repeat.

(Visualizing the air (optional)).

Continue at a comfortable pace.(Close your eyes when you're ready to start).

Practice for as long as needed.


It sometimes helps to count and match the seconds in between inhalation and exhalation when matching both processes.

When sitting with hands comfortably resting on legs, notice your breath when palms are faced upwards to the sky and or downwards to the earth.

Sometimes it's nice to visualize breathing vital life force energy as rays like the sun. Allowing it to cleanse and purify with your breath.

As always, Blessings, love, and gratitude.

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