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Pro Tip #1

Hope all is well!

Upon a conversation with someone dear to me they suggested something I have forgotten. This something is the same thing that I am going to share with you today! Incredibly helpful, easy, and insightful.

Make a list

What do you want to accomplish for your life to be able to confidently move forward in the direction that you want it to! I listed 3 goals which include my reasoning of importance.

For example, before I sink my teeth into the main meat of what I am doing, I feel that I am supposed to accomplish several personal goals first.

My Goals:

Health: balancing my hormones and body flora. Having bones/ muscles that are healthy, aligned, and toned.

Reason: confidence and overall best health to grow and evolve.

Community: Strong family relationships. Strong outreach/sharing to community. Connection/ communication with nature and jesus/ Angelic beings.

Reason: Nourishing my soul/ purpose.

Grounding financially: situating myself in a healthy relationship with money/ requirements of society to move forward towards a vision.

Reason: Confidence and a certain level of security.

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