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Reiki/ Energy Work

Basic Outline:

Everything we can take in through our senses

as well as wavelengths we may not be able to see or pick-up, is energy.

A Reiki/ Energy practitioner hones and connects to particular energies from

pure source and which in return allows balance, growth, and healing for the recipient.

Practitioners are a conduit guiding this type of energy, which allows you to

open the door to many benefits. We all have this capability, and having a master teach you, tune your frequency, and guide you along this path allows a deeper level of unfolding.

In assistance with my Reiki techniques I call upon many forms of energy I have learned

over the years. Your body receives what it is meant to along your path and journey for

optimum benefits as a result to receiving this spectrum of light focused energy.

Intuitively your body sifts through this energy and soaks it in where it is needed.

Our bodies are receptive to the subtle and maybe sometimes not so subtle frequencies.

It is a beautiful way to respect yourself through a healing process, increasing

awareness, wisdom, personal growth and insight etc. Since Reiki or

Energy work is not needed to be in person for an

individual to receive the benefits.

As always

Many Blessings

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