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My story on salvation.. quite literally.

This happened relatively recently. October 10th 2020

Setting the vibe, it was rainy and in Arlington Washingtons mountains with steep roads. I was out making deliveries when my GPS brought me down this strange road with big power lines so there were no trees following these powerlines, this road quickly turned into rock/ dirt. There seemed to be a continuation that followed my location arrow and the address to where it was taking me. Thick brush and bumpy partial road made me incredibly suspicious even though my GPS said I was fine and that I was on the correct road. I followed my intuition and got out of the van and hiked around to scout it out.... There was no road, it dropped of into a small cliff. I tried back trailing, my van on the attempt to get out became very stuck.

I sat in my van for a second cursing, because my ankle was still injured on top of no cell reception. I was able to get a hold of one of my bosses for a brief second. Unfortunately this did not help, so I started hiking up the side of this mountain. I reached a house that wasn't gaited and was refused help. I kept forward, I was yelling up at the sky "Why does this happen, I thought that I was good now! I've done everything you've asked of me, and yet apparently it wasn't enough! SPIRITS whomever is out there I need help... You know I've been struggling.. I want to follow the path of light.. I have been so depressed and lost recently and I don't understand. PLEASE ANSWER ME!".

Almost 2 miles later and more sky talk, I reached a semi busy road. I was signing S.O.S. and trying to wave people down. So many people just looked at me.. Someone partially slowed down but kept going, the car right behind that one stopped and she asked in a confused voice "Are you okay? Do you need help?". I Said yes and gave a quick run down on my situation. She explained that the pickup in front of her was her husband and they would talk quickly. They pulled around and offered to help. She let me sit in her car while a game plan was figured out. Her husband was going to venture out to find and explain to a friend the situation of whom they were borrowing the pickup. So he left to get the community together to help me out.

While in the car I kept thanking the woman. She smiled and said "Don't thank me thank Jesus. I was told I needed to stop". I almost broke out in tears. We talked about life and God and Jesus. It was very insightful. Eventually her husband came back with reinforcements (his friend and heavy duty ropes) they left to go get the Van.

The gracious woman let me use her phone, I was able to get a hold of my boss and apparently they already sent help. We both waited at the road where I was rescued continuing our conversations. Finally someone in a new white Toyota tundra showed up for the rescue my boss sent. We all drove to the spot, the guy that was sent said he was too scared to go down the path to get to my van. I tried to explain to him there was one other road that was a weird turn off point behind us and another road that was in front of us. He disregarded me and went a completely different way. I kept trying to tell him that this was the wrong direction and that we could not reach my van this way. When we reached the end he had to turn around due to a dead end.

Whenever we finally winded up the rode and reached the first path down to the van, he finally gave in and took it. However the van was gone. I pleaded to go back up the hill. First he tried honking and waiving to the lady which didn't make any sense. Then he reluctantly went back up the hill. The woman and I were then trying to tell him to go to the original place we all met. This all took some time, we eventually reached the meet up point and the van was covered in mud and plant debris. The guy that was sent took the credit for the rescue and told me to wash off my van. The kind couple told me I could wash it off at their house. We all departed and I never had to see the confused man again haha..

Upon reaching the house her husband and some of her kids helped clean the van. While this was happening she wanted to show me the Orthodox church she tends. I was amazed at how beautiful it was. From all of the saints, to Jesus and his stories and messages depicted on the walls and ceilings. Then one of her younger daughters ran off and brought back a beeswax candle made by some of the local nuns. She shared a few stories about the paintings things with me. After all of this we went back outside and said our farewells.

Shortly after departing my older brother called me so I pull on the side of the road. He asked how I was holding up. I was baffled and was very curious as to why he called me. He said today is the year anniversary since our father died. (My father was Christian and so is my brother) I just responded with Dude... You'll never guess what just happened. I explained it to him and he flipped out hahaha. He proceeded to say that this sounded biblical and that I was literally called by name to be a disciple.

Crazy events happened the next couple weeks including having a delivery at the woman's house again and met their priest (not sure exactly what the leader is called) and was anointed with a special oil. The other things I will not mention.

The woman and I still talk to this day!(I wanted to be respectful so I left out names)

If you've made it this far this is why I became a follower of Jesus and have him as my foundation. I feel I was lead to share my stories and wisdom and help bridge this community together. To learn about more than one culture, religion, and practice without becoming overwhelmed and lost can become a difficult road; all in all I find it reassuring and strong knowing Jesus is with me. As we discover ourselves the secrets of the universe are revealed.

As always blessings, love and gratitude!

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