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Tea Obsession

Updated: Jan 6

My Love/ obsession with tea started when I was very young. I loved all of the PossibiliTeas that came with the territory, not to mention the rich rooted history of this art. Much later down the road during my last year of highschool, I realized the intention and careful attention tea needs from the type of plant, where it grows, when and how it was harvested, packaging, and specific temperatures needed for steeping.

My mind was blown.

Throughout my whole journey with heavier influence when I became more involved with spirit, my love and passion for tea grew and stayed consistent.

I am not sure if any of you are familiar with Avatar the last air bender... Insanely incredible show with the creator that took time and consideration with heavy influence of martial arts etc. So much respect and gratitude, it is definitely more than just a kids show. Anyways, one of my favorite characters was and is Uncle Iroh. I have always yearned to learn from a master of his caliber, but most importantly... I wanted to share a cup of tea with him. Taking turns in serving each other tea while laughing and conversing on multitudes of topics.

Tying back in, all of my students in any subject at some point will be learning about tea. I have found tea helps each point of interest when studying due to the unique influence it has on the body. Steeping further on the level of tea enhancing ones practice and ReceptiviTea. I found morning tea particularly helpful when studying abroad.

Switching gears to sharing my desire to share this love, someone said I did not need to own a tea shop to create such experiences. Again, my mind was blown. An A-ha moment if you will. It hasn't taken me much time to get everything together, with much help from the community. I am fulfilling my long held desire to share teas with others, explaining each individual benefit and how they fall under multiple categories. Traveling from place to place and sharing QualiTea.

One of my main goals is still to own (or co-own) several tea shops specifically designed with just as much care and attention that goes into tea.

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