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The Initiate

A lengthy and multi faceted subject.

The innerworkings of spirit and the initiation process.

This process can seem like an intense experience. It can feel like you are being pulled and shown many things at once. It has taken me several years to understand what I have experienced and the things I am implementing now. Regardless of the difficulties, I would still choose the same path. Here is my take from the experiences I have endured. Wisdom from experience. Never follow without question as everyone's journey is unique and special to that being.

First off Ground yourself, take a moment to comprehend what you are experiencing and release any emotion attached to it. Connect with nature throughout this whole process. Mother Earth is called MOTHER Earth for a reason. Ask for assistance, guidance, protection, nurturement, grounding/ earthing, healing, care, and love as you traverse your path. If you believe nature to be more intelligent and receptive to energy. Honestly up to you. I regardless suggest to be in nature.

Secondly I would suggest noticing how your body responds internally and externally to situations, visions, earth cycles, prayers etc.

Thirdly, I would suggest that you focus on what is in front of you at the moment. Make priorities and time to sit with yourself to meditate and allow your spirit to undertake this process.

Fourthly, I would suggest to learn more about how energy flows, the innerworkings of your relationship internally and externally.

Fifthly, Healing time, get ready for another wave of understanding and deeper healing as your spirit purges and shakes up your energy so you may heal properly. I would say you go through multiple waves of this.

Sixthly, I would recommend not steering away from your self care practices!! Make time for yourself. Build a sacred relationship with yourself.

Seventhly, be open minded and do not hang onto your beliefs too tightly as they may change and fluctuate. I am not saying don't have a foundation, be aware of where you are building your foundation and out of what material.

You will know, Trust yourself and your innate knowingness, If anything you can filter information through the proper energetic channels.

May you be blessed on your journey and may it be effortless.

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