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The Three Unions

The Three Unions starts with how we interact with ourselves internally and externally. What our physical senses are, our thoughts, and our spiritual senses. We move through these processes called life. A multifaceted natural process that is extremely complex yet so simple and pure. The Union of your Body, Mind, and Spirit is the gateway to all other things. All of this depends on your personal subjective reality in these 3 points.

Lets start this off with the union of the Body. Our bodies have an intelligent design in how we interact physically with the world. Touch, sight, smell, and hearing are the main senses in this category. This has to deal more with being grounded or rooted and embodied as your beautiful physical self.

Next we have the Mind. This has to deal with how we comprehend and perceive ourselves and the world. The mind has immense and typically untapped incomprehensible potential. It's like the ocean, if the ocean was a constantly endless fluctuating nova. This deals with peacefulness and knowing your truth. Our emotions have a tendency to spiral out of control or intensify or linger like a storm drifting over the sea.

Finally we have our spirit. This can be a touchy and personal truth we hold to ourselves. I can describe it as the essence of presence and interaction with all other condensed versions of energy materialized in some form or other. It is the spark, light, ultimate truth. This is what makes you and me so unique. The fabric of what we can explore and study for all of eternity trying to rationalize and explain coming up with different answers and deeper rabbit holes. I do not believe in one answer or one way to look at this because of the complex magnitude of spirit.

Our definitions and explanations may change, however the purity does not.

Up next... Yoga

The translation of Yoga means Union. It helps balance, clarify, and harmonize these 3 very key attributes (can read more under the blog title yoga).

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