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I am excited to present my services:

Ranging from tea - coaching and

everything in-between.

Classes are opening up for sign up in only two weeks!

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As always,

Many blessings, Namaste


This unique tea service is

catered to your individual needs for

any level of tea lover.

Services with teas and blends:

Qi Tea

8 Chakras

Elemental mergence

Tea Leaf Readings

Above Par-Tea

Handmade and customized wood burning

on sacred cedar. 

Great for any occasion, for any room of the house, or as a gift.

Rock Balancing

Sessions for: 

} You {​

} Family {

} Friend {

} Pet {

} Groups no larger than 5 (people and or animals) {

} Sacred spaces {

Discuss where you are in life with your spirituality and your relationship

with yourself.

What you would like to

learn or expand upon.

 Discuss where you

would like to be.

Create an action plan. Continuing forward we also review the week and observe where you are.

Or we can simply enjoy

a cup of tea and talk.

Image by Anthony Ievlev
Enjoying Nature

These subscriptions are for the

individuals desiring to

go the extra mile on their healing or

spiritual process.

There are 3 options available!

The Options are named:

Green Package

Blue Package

Purple Package

Each one progressively dives deeper into your

journey and process.

My classes offer a myriad of options!


Wanting to Learn something

you've  been curious about? 


Learn multiple ways to allow yourself to heal, flourish, and thrive?

Check out upcoming classes!

Don't forget to sign up

before spots run out

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