Unique Spirit Services

On this page, I have listed:

} Reiki/ Energy Services {

} Tea time talks (Coaching and consulting) {

} Energy/ Chakra scan, mini energy session, 

practices you perform at home {

} Subscriptions {

Services starting at $30

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Reiki/ Energy Services

Reiki/ Energy Sessions for:

You, Family, Friend, Pet,

Groups (people and or animals)

and Sacred spaces.

Click HERE to learn about Reiki/ Energy work

Tea Time Talks

This is my consulting and review, discuss, and expand on a variety of subjects

including you and your journey!

Let's create an action plan.

One on one time to explore areas you want to reinforce and grow in.


Having another perspective and

viewpoint on a particular subject or

area in your life.

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Energy/ Chakra Reading

Many Blessings!

With this service you receive:

Energy/ Chakra reading

Reiki/ Energy clearing

Practices to take home

Why these practices are important and how they help balance your energy. After a week passes I check up on your progress.


These subscriptions are for the individuals desiring to go the extra mile on their

healing or spiritual process. 

These subscriptions are designed and catered to assist your journey.

You can also gift these

services to others. 

Green Subscription

Blue Subscription

Purple Subscription

Each one progressively dives

deeper into your journey and process.

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